Neil Degrasse Tyson blows your mind; Bickell on Mario Kart; Daly on Devils (Puck Headlines) (Puck Daddy)

Here are your Puck Headlines: a glorious collection of news and views collected from the greatest blogosphere in sports and the few, the proud, the mainstream hockey media. • Neil Degrasse Tyson with arguably his most brilliant observation ever. [ Neil Degrasse Tyson ] • Bryan Bickell on how Mario Kart helps the team focus. [ NHL ] • Contrary to the opinion of some, Jonathan Toews is having a very, very good postseason. [ MC79 Hockey ] • The Boston Bruins' defence is pretty good, eh? [ CSNNE ] • How the Chicago Blackhawks can get through it. [ Backhand Shelf ] • Bill Daly on the Devils' financial troubles: “Despite recent reports to the contrary, which are inaccurate, we are not concerned about the Devils’ future, or the franchise’s ability to achieve long-term success in Newark." [ Fire & Ice ] • The Phoenix Coyotes prospective new owners finally presented their proposal to the Glendale City Council. It did not go well. Councilperson Norma Alvarez was especially unimpressed. She left the meeting early, saying, "I couldn't take it anymore." [ AZ Central ] • Bryan Murray is trying to move up at the Draft. “I’ve talked to a number of teams and asked them to consider possibility of flipping picks or doing something where they might get what they need out of it and we might get what we need out of it. I don’t know if anybody will consider that, but I know as you get closer to the draft, if you have a pick very high up, it’s very hard to make the decision to move back. I’m not thinking that will happen, but we at least have to make the calls and to suggest we’re open to talk.” [ Senators Extra ] • Henrik Lundqvist denies pushing Tortorella out: "I would never put pressure on the management on decisions like that. I’m just a player. My focus is to play the game and do the best I can on the ice. Whatever [happens] off the ice, I leave to our great staff we have working for this club.” [ NY Post ]

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