Sharks coach talks biting; Bruins, Leafs argue about cheating (Puck Headlines) (Puck Daddy)

Here are your Puck Headlines: a glorious collection of news and views collected from the greatest blogosphere in sports and the few, the proud, the mainstream hockey media. • Watching a hockey game with Tom Hanks and Brian Williams must be just about the greatest. • Todd McLellan brings the heat on the Canucks’ embellishment chatter: “If we go back to look at the series, we've been called cheaters after Game 1, we've been called embellishing Canadians after Game 3. If the series goes any deeper, we may even be accused of biting eventually." [ Mercury News ] • Tyler Bozak on faceoffs vs. the Boston Bruins: “Thought maybe they were cheating a little bit. So I tried to cheat. Your timing can be off by half a second. You’re going to have an off night. You’re not going to get away with mistakes in the circle with off-timing with the guys they have. I cheat, too. We all cheat. They were just cheating better.” [ Toronto Star ] • Claude Julien on accusations from the Leafs and their coach about faceoff cheating: “It is what it is. Guys getting kicked out, not getting kicked out. When you lobby for something, it’s because you’re looking for a bit of a break the next game. That’s what Randy’s doing right now. He’s lobbying for some breaks on the faceoffs.” [ Bruins Blog ] • New dad Duncan Keith will play in Game 4. He and his wife had a boy. Alas, he will not grow up to be the first female NHL referee. [ Between The Circles ] • Four ways to get Marc-Andre Fleury back on track. [ Penguins ] • Will Eric Gryba be a marked man in Game 4? "I'm sure guys are going to look for an opportunity to take a run at me. But it's nothing I haven't dealt with before," said Gryba. [ CBC ] • Jesse Spector on covering John Tortorella: “People ask, and I tell them the truth: I love it. Tortorella is a challenge for a reporter: if you don't ask him the right questions, you're not going to get a quote worth using. Would it be easier if he filled a recorder with pearls of wisdom? Sure, but I enjoy the challenge, and I also enjoy the fact that Tortorella doesn't bother with overwrought coach-speak and BS. Plus, the fact that he's a challenging interview subject makes it that much more satisfying when things go right and he delivers a headline-grabbing line. The payoff is there, but Tortorella also plays much tighter defense in the playoffs.” [ SN ]

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