Penguins face their mistakes, ready for raucous Islanders fans in Game 3 (Puck Daddy)

UNIONDALE, N.Y. -- The Pittsburgh Penguins knew exactly what to expect from their opponents in Game 2. They knew that the New York Islanders would be better than their showing in Game 1, which ended 5-0 in the Penguins’ favor. “We didn’t expect it to be easy,” said Jarome Iginla. But despite knowing what was coming, the Penguins couldn’t find their groove that brought them success in Game 1, and they allowed mistakes to dominate; mistakes that the Islanders capitalized on in order to even the series as they prepare for Game 3 on Sunday on Long Island. The Islanders put just 26 shots on Marc-Andre Fleury in Game 1. They improved on that in Game 2, firing 42 his way. It was a matter of strategy: Get the puck on net and hope for a deflection, rebound or fortunate bounce. “As soon as they got over the blueline they got within the top of the circles they were just throwing pucks at the net,” said Iginla. “We also gave away more pucks than we have been. That helped lead to more shots for them, more chances." As Iginla said, the Penguins aided in the Islanders’ success.

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