Ranking 2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs first-round series: Which ones are must-see? (Puck Daddy)

The 2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs matchups are set . But which ones are worth watching? Admittedly, some series have a bit more going for them than others, whether it’s the hate quotient or the potential for chaos or star power or atmosphere. And let’s face it: Those series that might go the distance intrigue us more than the Penguins and Islanders those that might be a bit shorter. Your friends at Puck Daddy now provide you with a handy ranking of the eight first-round series, based on the following factors: Star Power, Secondary Plotlines, Hate, Controversy, Arena Atmosphere, Game 7 Probability and the potential for awesome playoff facial masterpieces, a.k.a. Beard-o-sity. Each category gets a number grade from 1-to-10, with 10 being the highest grade. So which playoff series ranked highest in our very scientific poll?

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