Will NY Islanders change logo, colors for Brooklyn move? (Puck Daddy)

Charles Wang is the owner of the New York Islanders, but he’s also a prophet. Back in Oct. 2012, when everyone had the Isles pegged as a conference also-ran, Wang told Sirius XM Radio that they’d make the postseason: "Yes, we're going to make the playoffs. We should have even done it last year, but we didn't. And we're disappointed. We're going to make the playoffs and we're going to have a great run." So sayeth the Prophet Wang. With the Islanders poised for their first playoff appearance since 2007, the future is brighter now than perhaps at any time since Wang took over as majority owner in 2004. Mostly because the Isles have been a [expletive] sideshow for the majority of those years – the Mike Milbury error, the Neil Smith mess, the Yashin buyout and the DiPietro contract – but also because budding superstar John Tavares and the pending move to Brooklyn are going to make the Isles a franchise to respect again. Wang spoke with Chris Botta of Sports Business Daily on Thursday and said that move to Brooklyn could be coming sooner than the 2015 season: Charles Wang says at #sbjsff that if Nassau and Barclays execs work out a deal, he'd welcome taking #Isles to Brooklyn in '14. — Chris Botta (@ChrisBottaNHL) April 18, 2013 Whenever they leave, the Islanders face a decision on their identity when they relocate to Brooklyn. Will they re-brand the team, or will they keep “Islanders” as the Nets kept their name after leaving New Jersey? Will they change their iconic crest, or will the logo remain the same? (We’d also accept a move back to the Gorton’s Fisherman logo, of course.)

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