NHL Awards Watch: What if Ryan Suter gets Norris nod and Shea Weber doesn’t? (Puck Daddy)

(Ed. Note: This is a weekly feature on Puck Daddy in which we vote on the major NHL Awards. “We” being Wyshynski, Leahy, Mooney, Yahoo! NHL editor Sam McCaig and Yahoo! NHL scribe Nick Cotsonika. Voting is completed Monday night. The results will run every Tuesday on this very blog. Enjoy.) When Ryan Suter left the Nashville Predators for the Minnesota Wild, there was one question on everyone’s mind: Would he have to play 30 minutes a night this season to justify that salary? The second question: How would both Suter and Shea Weber cope with their very successful partnership ending? We’re starting to get a sense of that, at least for this season. Suter is sixth in the NHL in defensive scoring, with 18 points in 24 games, playing 27:29 a night. Weber has 13 points in 25 games, skating 25:45 per night. And yet in the latest Puck Daddy NHL Awards Watch, it’s Suter that’s cracked the top five for the Norris Trophy while Weber received a single fifth-place vote. What if Ryan Suter gets a Norris nomination while Shea Weber doesn’t? The way Minnesota is playing, that’s entirely possible this season. His profile is growing right along with their win total. But talk about your upsets: Would anyone have predicted that before the season? Coming up, the Norris race and the other trophies in our weekly awards watch.

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