NHL Awards Watch: Just give Joel Quenneville the Jack Adams already (Puck Daddy)

(Ed. Note: This is a weekly feature on Puck Daddy in which we vote on the major NHL Awards. “We” being Wyshynski, Leahy, Mooney, Yahoo! NHL editor Sam McCaig and Yahoo! NHL scribe Nick Cotsonika. Voting is completed Monday night. The results will run every Tuesday on this very blog. Enjoy.) The Chicago Blackhawks currently have a 92.8 percent chance of winning the President’s Trophy, and we’re in the beginning of March. Such is life when you’re 19-0-3, and off to the best start in NHL history. Does that mean Joel Quenneville has the Jack Adams locked up? No, actually it doesn’t. There are other coaches in the NHL that it could be argued are doing more with less; and as Mike Babcock can tell you, winning Coach of the Year with a team that’s expected to do well isn’t easy. Coming up, the Jack race and the other trophies in our weekly awards watch.

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