MSG’s John Giannone takes a puck to the face during Rangers game, keeps reporting (VIDEO) (Puck Daddy)

Reporting from between the benches has its risks. Occasionally, you can find yourself caught in a war of words between coaches. Claude Giroux might break your watch . And, of course, your bird's eye view of the action means that there is always the threat that a puck will strike you in on around said bird's eye. That's what happened to MSG's John Giannone late in the second period of Thursday night's match between the New York Islanders and New York Rangers, when a Mark Staal attempt dump-in left the playing area and hit Giannone's face area: I love the play-by-play team here. "It hit our buddy." [Related: Winger Milan Lucic puts the big and bad in the Boston Bruins ] "Oh no! John Giannone got hit? Oh mannnnnnnnnn ." Al Trautwig's stunned reaction is great too. "Did I just see that?" But what a gamer Giannone is. Not only did he not leave the benches to get patched up -- he continued to provide colour while the cut on his face did the same. Let this be a lesson to everyone: Hockey players are tough. But so is hockey media. s/t to Islanders Point Blank . Follow Harrison Mooney on Twitter at @HarrisonMooney

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