Chicago Blackhawks’ penalty kill is killin’ it during undefeated start (Puck Daddy)

There are currently three teams in the NHL that have given up one power-play goal through six games this season. The Boston Bruins are one, in 28 times shorthanded (49:53). The New York Islanders are another, in 20 times shorthanded (39:04). The third are the Chicago Blackhawks, who having been shorthanded 23 times (39:28). The Blackhawks are 6-0 entering their game at the Minnesota Wild on Wednesday night, and thus far their PK has done a ‘180’ from last season, when it was 27th in the NHL with 51 goals allowed in 233 times shorthanded (78.1 percent). The Blackhawks' shorthanded unit winning them games. It was the reason the Blackhawks defeated the Detroit Red Wings on Sunday night, blanking the Wings on six power plays in the first two periods. We haven't seen a glorious kill in Chicago like this since De Niro and the baseball bat in "The Untouchables." So what’s gotten into the Blackhawks’ special teams?

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