Three games, two arenas and love of NHL hockey no longer locked out (Puck Daddy)

Smiles. There were plenty of smiles. The NHL’s opening weekend had everything: blowouts, fights, injuries, angst, and excitement; but throughout it were the smiles. Players happy to play again. Coaches happy to go back to work. Arena workers happy to regain some income. And fans happy to cheer their team on the ice and not wait with baited breath for some labor news from a reporter standing on a New York City sidewalk. The NHL went through its second lockout in eight years, and as talks between the League and the players’ union produced nothing but the desires to win a public relations battle, anger boiled from everyone affected by the lack of hockey. But, as the NHL hashtag told us, #hockeyisback, and despite the 2013 season being three days old, it's already in full-swing. There's everything from Roberto Luongo trade rumors to Carlo Colaiacovo already being hurt . It's like nothing has changed. Puck Daddy attended three games in three days at two arenas over the weekend. Here's the story from the NHL's first three days back.

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