Why the KHL pulled out of Brooklyn (Puck Daddy)

It's been an interesting week for Brooklyn hockey. The New York Islanders will be playing in Barclays Center in 2015; and as of Friday morning, the Kontinental Hockey League won't be playing there in 2013. The KHL has moved the two games it had scheduled in Brooklyn for Jan. 19 and 20, 2013, back to Russia. They would have featured Alex Ovechkin and Dynanmo Moscow vs. Ilya Kovalchuk and SKA St. Petersburg, all but guaranteeing big crowds and massive media coverage if the NHL lockout was still in effect. But the KHL announced on its website that the games would be shifted back to St. Petersburg on Jan. 20 and Moscow on Jan. 21. From RIA Novosti: The KHL said that the continuing lockout in the NHL made it difficult to host the games. "Meeting the wishes of thousands of Russian hockey fans, considering the interests of the teams Dynamo Moscow and SKA and due to the lack of certainty with the NHL lockout length, the KHL decided to change the dates of games between the teams scheduled for January 19 and 20," the league said in a website statement. Why didn't the games work out in Brooklyn?

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