Huge week for CBA negotiations; JFK talks hockey; Savard update (Puck Headlines) (Puck Daddy)

• Metta World Peace's moment with the Stanley Cup elicits a question that just raises further questions. I imagine, after he got over his disappointment, he looked at the trophy and said, "Nice to meet you nonetheless, Mr. Cup. All the best in your travels," and then tried to shake its hand. • I don't mean to overstate the importance of this week as it regards to CBA negotiations, but this is the most important week in the history of ever. [ ESPN ] • A minor hockey coach is facing a potential lifetime ban after punching a 16-year-old member of the opposition. Truculence! [ Toronto Sun ] • More important than getting a deal done to end the lockout: getting a deal done that doesn't suck. [ The Hockey News ] • Elliotte Friedman's always-excellent 30 thoughts. As one thought explains, he's lost a lot of friends during the lockout, so be extra nice to him, m'kay? [ CBC ] • Save us from this season of non-hockey, moderates! Save us with your moderateness and moderate this disagreement! [ The Globe & Mail ] • Marc Savard updated his status via Twitter Monday, leaving only a glimmer of hope that he'll ever be back. [ NESN ] • Wayne Simmonds and Chris Stewart are joining Liberec in the Czech League. [ USA Today ] • JFK's Oval Office tapes include a recording of him freaking out the U.S. men's hockey team lost to Sweden, 17-2. [ Puck Buddys ] • Spector weighs in on players heading to Europe. "One of the stupidest things I've read throughout this lockout is the suggestion a number of locked-out NHL players plying their craft overseas is some indication of a division within the NHLPA's ranks, as though those playing overseas were being "disloyal" to their brethren remaining in North America. Folks, that has nothing to do with NHLPA unity. At all." [ Spector's Hockey ]

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